Who Are We?

Atlas Consulting Group is one of the top newest and fastest growing undergraduate organizations at the University of Michigan Ross Business School. Atlas was created with three goals:


  1. To give undergraduate students exposure to the field of consulting and providing them with relevant skills and knowledge to take forth to their professional careers


  2. To make a positive impact on our community and on our clients by giving them a new and fresh perspective on their business affairs.


  3. To be a one stop shop for our clients to maximize our impact on their business

We were founded on the belief that that great consultants are created from intelligent individuals from all fields with problem solving ability and creativity. This is why Atlas accepts students from all majors and class standings , and all new Atlas members go through the Atlas Consulting Curriculum . We are also one of the only consulting groups to welcome exchange students.

Atlas is also a pro-bono consulting organization at Ross, which means we do not charge our clients for our services. We see Atlas-Client relationships as a symbiotic relationship where we strive to deliver excellence in our projects to help address client problems/opportunities, and our clients provide us with the opportunity to learn about the field and demonstrate our skills. Our number one priority is a positive impact on our clients. We work with both for profit business and nonprofits, to help make a positive impact on our community.

Atlas Consulting Group is the only consulting group on the University of Michigan Campus to provide both strategic and digital services. Atlas Digital was launched in 2018 in our perpetual effort to service our clients and be the one stop shop for our clients

If you have any questions about Atlas, how to become a member, or how to become a client, please contact us at atlasconsultingum@gmail.com . To learn about how how to become a member or view our application, please visit our recruiting page.