17 February, 2018 | By Vishwa Nathan

Complexities of Modern Consulting

When people think of consulting, I assume they first think “recommendations” or solving business problems. This definition may fit well into the dictionary.


22 August, 2018 | By Nina Kothari

eliminating Group Think

Often within a club, there is a need for group consensus. Although unity is integral to success, great ideas can be suppressed because they don’t align with the norm.


22 August, 2018 | By Daniel Yang

Understanding the Client

Much like within any aspect of life, ambiguity can be a common characteristic found in consulting. Vague requests with little direction often define the industry, presenting an initially intimidating


22 August, 2018 | By Harpreet Kalsi

Left Behind

This past semester I was a project manager at Atlas for a cybersecurity company in Ann Arbor. Despite being up to date with the newest technology and advancements in their industry